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Department of Humanities offers a thorough education in the humanities and social sciences within a dynamic, collaborative, and inclusive community of learners. Our vision is to provide higher education in the liberal arts with a commitment to build up a group of students with diversity, so that they can be successful in the careers that they undertake and can sustain and enhance their communities both locally and globally..


Department of Humanities is firmly following the UGC rules and the syllabus. This department is offering four different courses. Those are, Bangladesh Studies, World Civilizations, Industrial Psychology and Sociology. The department of Humanities has a culturally and intellectually diverse and welcoming community of faculty and staff who value knowledge and the free and responsible exchange of ideas. through the subjects of History and sociology HUM provides a collaborative and rigorous education that engages students at the highest level both within and beyond the classroom, as well as within and beyond a single discipline. Students of all Schools (Science, Biological Science and Business) have to study these subjects (History and Sociology/ Psychology) as per the UGC’s rule. Students of these diverse groups believe in the transformative power of a liberal arts education to develop analytical, critical, and creative thinkers, conscientious and active global citizens, and lifelong learners and leaders. Our department empowers our diverse students to succeed in the careers that they undertake and to sustain and enhance their communities both locally and globally.


Humanities subjects cause life-changing personal development, teach us to engage with ideas critically and independently, and equip students with the skills necessary to understand. They also 'sustain and preserve the heart and soul of our civilization. Education is not about rote learning. It is about developing the ability to think critically, reason and question. In other words, its value is not in generating profit, but its subjectivity, an understanding of other cultures, other people and other times. Education is not about learning to be right, but learning by thinking through ideas and testing them in debate. It is history and social science that help us provide this bigger picture view. Learners of History, Sociology and other humanities subjects can appreciate the value of their ancestors, their heritage, and their culture which that lead them to be a patriot.