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Cinque Terre Welcome to Department of Humanities, a vibrant community of research scholars and educators strongly supported by a dedicated staff of administrators. HUM offers History and Sociology as a vital supporting subject of all branches of education. HUM includes anthropology, World Civilizations & Bangladesh Studies as a part of History, Industrial Psychology and sociology. Although trained in specific disciplines at renowned public universities, our faculty pursues research that crosses conventional disciplinary boundaries. Now more than ever the world needs leaders possessing comprehensive knowledge of the history and socio-economic relation of different cultures, the skill to critically evaluate ideas and actions, and the wisdom to make informed judgments based on deep understanding of human behavior in all its social and cultural diversity. The HUM faculty is committed to educating and equipping the next generation of leaders in these critical capabilities. I invite you to discover the people, projects, events, and activities that make ‘department of Humanities’ one of the most dynamic academic environments at Primeasia University. We teach students the fundamental principles of major fields of knowledge. We develop their appreciation of the diversity of the human experience. We cultivate their ability to conduct research, to think critically, to draw logical conclusions, and to express their thoughts effectively. We encourage them to welcome people, to communicate other diligently. Knowledge has no boundaries and students of Humanities learn how to break the barrier of knowledge by promoting themselves as an active part of the society. We motivate students to be informed, principled, and successful leaders in all walks of life.

‘Department of Humanities’ is a supporting and non-credit department. Every undergrad student of a university will have to study some basic courses like, English, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry, History and Sociology. Department of Humanities of Primeasia University is providing some Humanities courses as per the UGC’s rule for the student along with their major courses.